There are numerous groups in the U.S which advocate for the rights of the underprivileged. The criminal justice system has been under immense pressure from these groups to stop violations of human rights by setting the right precedence and giving a stern warning to perpetrators of such cases. These human rights groups want a justice system that serves all the people with no prejudice.

Human rights groups have been at the forefront in exposing the rot in the societal by making sure that cases of injustices are brought to the limelight. The United States has been adversely affected by such cases especially when it comes to issues of migrants from the Mexico border.

To the people who cannot take injustice lying down, they have always stood up against cases of oppression. In the United States, Heather Hamel is one such individual. Read more: Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

Heather, a US attorney has a non-governmental organization through which he presses the justice system to act on cases of human rights violations. Together with others. Heather has set up the organization so that they can stand against abuses of human rights, detention of people of certain color as well as curbing racial profiling.

They monitor the criminal justice system for perpetuating the discrimination of some people. The organization speaks against the incarceration of individuals by offering alternative solutions. Heather and his group advocate for restorative justice through community sentencing, counseling among others. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

The organization is known as “Justice That Works” has launched an initiative known as Redefining Safety Initiative. This initiative is intended to reconcile separating families and individuals. The organization is of the view that the money spent on incarceration can be put to better use such as education, healthcare or community development. This organization is based in Arizona.

About Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund

One of the illegalities that have been committed by the justice system in the history of the United States was the case of two journalists Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. These two are the co-founders of Phoenix New Times and Village Voice Media.

The two were arrested and jailed by a Sherriff in Arizona. They were arrested for writing a story about the sheriff. The grand jury made an unfair judgment.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin objected to the grand jury ruling and appealed their case. The appeals court found them not guilty and on top of that the court compensated them $3.75 million for the torture they underwent during that period of imprisonment.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin decided to use the funds from the compensation to fund human rights groups in the state of Arizona.