Doe Deere is the woman behind the brand Lime Crime and has a secret to making her day go smoothly. The thing is, it looks a lot like anyone else’s day with a few differences.



Doe Deere wakes up at 8:30 am to start her day. She says she is able to get herself to wake up after nine hours of sleep to feel her best. Doe likes to watch the sun in the morning with her breakfast and a tall glass of water to stay hydrated. She likes to stretch her spine before she starts her busy day.


She listens to music and washes her face with Glossier face wash and applies her makeup, usually a combination of Mac or Loreal. She sets her makeup with powder and fills in her eyebrows. She likes to use a bold lip from her Lime Crime Lip line to help bring her face to life. She likes to wear her hair down to show off her purple hair and curls she works so hard on in the morning.


Doe loves to spend time with her cats in the mornings as well. She loves them more than anything in her life, except maybe her makeup line.


Once she has made herself feel ready for the day, she starts the journey to her office, Instagram open and her chat with the office so she knows what is happening before she gets there.




This is when the real fun happens. Doe normally has meetings and talks about the lines she is looking at developing as well as working out marketing and other orders of business. This is when the colors for her makeup is created and pitch meeting happen. The real fun part of running a makeup business and the hard part as well.


She lets her schedule run her days so she can do the work she loves to do and talk to the employees that make it happen with her. She tries to spend as much time as she can getting everything figured out with them so she can get the items she wants to market there.


Doe tries to finish everything up by six if she can, but when inspiration hits, she has been known to stay until midnight to get things done. She is hard working and wants to make her business bigger and better than ever.


There are a lot of makeup lines out there, but wouldn’t you want to get your makeup from someone that is more like you than some of those big companies that don’t understand you? Doe Deere does that and more. She is truly a woman who knows business, but also knows makeup and people.

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