Uncovering corrupt prison staff members, unveiling rings of drugs and alcohol and discovering millions of dollars of illegal drugs and assets…what do all of these things have in common? They are all tangible results of real clients that utilize Securus Technologies to keep their prisons and correctional facilities safe!


Securus Technologies put out a press release recently that contained a wealth of testimonials from real users of their products and systems. From my research, the company is on the cutting edge of prison security technology and offers services that can do things like locate cell phones that have been illegally brought in, monitor conversations remotely and even turn off the Wirelss Internet connection remotely to any cell phone found brought into prison.


Headquarted in Dallas, Texas with satellite officers across the U.S., Securus employs over 500 people and works with prisons across Mexico, the United States and Canada. It also gives over a million prison inmates the ability to use monitored mobile calling services to connect with friends and family.


The testimonials provided hard data as to the importance of not letting technology creep into prisons and get into the wrong hands. Tangible examples include:


  • One satisfied customer gave an example of how by monitoring a phone call they were able to uncover a man on trial for a shooting trying to convince his sibling to lie for him on the stand. That false alibi could have broken the case. Instead, the monitored call was used as evidence against the accused man.
  • A client wrote that they firmly believe that Securus Technologies products kept them one step ahead of security threats. They stated it allowed them to be more proactive.
  • One testimonial praised Securus Technologies for giving them the ability to have monitored information so they could handle harassment charges against their staff in a more efficient manner.