Under the leadership of chief executive officer Rick Smith, Securus Technologies, Inc. has rapidly expanded its presence in the law enforcement industry in recent years. He has acquired a number of companies to help this expansion including the purchase of JPay, Inc. in 2015. JPay offered correctional facilities a number of technologies such as email and electronic payment handling. They also offered entertainment and educational apps. They had clients in over 33 state prison system across the United States.When describing the purchase if JPay, Rick Smith said that the acquisition put his company at the heart of one of the segments of the correctional facility market which has experienced rapid growth in recent years. He said that this purchase, combined with what Securus Technologies was already offering, meant that his company could now offer every technology that prison officials needed in order to run a modern prison. He added that his company offered the best in products, prices, and security.

Securus Technologies, which is based in Dallas, Texas, has more than 2,600 clients across North America. They offer their products and services to both correctional facilities as well as law enforcement. Their technology is used to both prevent and solve crimes. Within the prison system they offer technology which can effectively monitor inmates, including their communication with the outside world, which helps to keep prisons and the surrounding communities safe.Rick Smith was involved in the telecommunications industry for many years before arriving at Securus Technologies. He was with Frontier Communications (now called Global Crossing) for 16 years. During his time there he served in roles of increasing complexity and authority including controller, chief information officer, and finally president of the company.

In 2000, Rick Smith became the president and chief operating officer of Eschelon, another large telecommunications firm. He served in these roles until 2004 when he first joined Securus Technologies. Eventually, he succeeded the prior CEO of the company, Richard Falcone. He has consistently invested money into Securus Technologies in order to improve both the quality and quantity of what his company provides to its clients. Drawing on his strength in telecommunications, Rick Smith has greatly improved his company’s phone monitoring system in prisons across the nation which are used to prevent crimes as well as keep contraband out of the prison system.Rick Smith has said that his company gets a lot of feedback from their customers about the use of Securus Technologies technological solutions. He recently said that they had received thousands of correspondence, both letters and emails, describing how these tools have been used to solve and prevent crimes as well as keep prisons safe and free of contraband.