Richard A. Smith is a well-known figure in the correctional industry. At the moment, Richard serves as the CEO of Securus Technologies, one of the leading companies in the industry. Richard went to RIT for his degree in Electrical Engineering. Later on, he acquired a master’s degree in Mathematics from SUNTY Brockport. The businessman also went to the prestigious University of Rochester for his MBA. The diversity in his degrees speaks volumes about his skill set. His educational background played a primary role in his appointment to the CEO of Securus Technologies in the year 2008.In 2008, the board of directors at Securus Technologies was looking for an individual to take the top position in the successful company.

The board wanted an individual who was experienced in the technological field. After several consultations, the board felt that Rick Smith was the ideal candidate. According to them, Smith had broad knowledge in the technology world, and he understood the industry well.Smith’s resume is famed for having an impressive record. After completing his education, the businessman joined the Frontier Corp where he served in the different role from 1972 to 1998. According to his portfolio, Smith held positions such as the controller and the chief information officer. By the time he was leaving the company, Smith was serving as the president in the information technology department.In 1998, Richard Smith was nominated to work as the vice president of financial management in one of the most successful technology private companies in the United States.

He, however, left the position to work as in Eschelon Telecom as the chief financial officer. His success in the business enabled him to acquire the position of chief operation officer. Smith worked in the position until the year 2003 when he was chosen to become the chief executive officer of the institution. In 2008, Richard Smith resigned from his position in Eschelon to join Securus Technologies.Just as resume demonstrates, Richard Smith brought years of expertise in finance, telecom, IT, and business to the correctional industry. Under his leadership, Securus Technologies has registered a lot of growth. The private company has increased its sales and profits. According to the company management, the institution has introduced several apps and services to make the lives of inmates better.Last year, Richard Smith and his team at Securus Technologies introduced the video visitation application to make the Christmas holiday better. Most of the families and friends with loved ones who were incarcerated benefited from the application. The service is affordable and safer for the inmates and their loved ones. The holiday was better thanks to the service. Richard says that the company established the application because it understands the importance of communication for the inmates.