Roberto Santiago is highly upheld for his tremendous success story in Brazil. As an entrepreneur, his journey has not been an easy one. Given the circumstances he was in as a child, Roberto’s story can be told to young entrepreneurs that are looking for a source of inspiration. The proprietor of Manaira Mall was once a waiter at a café. Through determination as well as focus, he was able to grow into the most influential business man in Brazil. His legacy speaks for his character.


Early Life


Roberto Santiago hails from Joao Pessoa. He was born in Brazil too. The 58-year-old Roberto went to Pio X-Marist for college education. He then joined Joao Pessoa University for a course in business administration. He graduated school to join Café Santa Rosa as a worker. Being visionary, he left the company to establish his own. This was a cartonage company. Roberto had always envisioned himself as a boss. Under his guidance, the company manufactured cartons. The firm blossomed into a manufacturing company that sold multiple decorative products.




Roberto’s firm started making profits to a different, admirable level. He was impressed by his performance but he focused on the future and not the present situation. With the profits, he invested in real estate. That must have been the best choice he made. The turn of events sent his works to success. His business portfolio vastly grew into a societal project that now serves many in Brazil. Roberto’s determination saw him build Manaira Shopping Mall. He bought land in Joao Pessoa. This was in 1987. Two years after the purchase, the mall was up and operating. In 1989, it was launched with Roberto taking charge of all operations.


Manaira Shopping Mall


Manaira Shopping Mall sits on a 75 000 m2 piece of land in Joao Pessoa. It has about 280 stores. This is the largest mall in Brazil. What is more, it sits at the center of Brazil and most people can access it. Also, the mall possesses attractive features that leave customers going for more shopping. The concert hall is perhaps the largest because it has to accommodate international artists and attendees from time to time. For family events and sumptuous meals, the mall has a variety. There are also financial institutions and schools in Manaira Mall. From the look of it, Manaira has the capacity to accommodate Brazil in all respects.




In 2015, there was an economic crisis in Brazil. Most businesses went down. Roberto’s business stood still with his strategies ensuring that there were supplies for every client. The situation was a test that proved his strength to stand harsh economic times. Roberto Santiago can be emulated in many by ways. He defied the odds and ventured into a business he admired as a young person.