Rubica Personal Cyber Security is a system that Rubica designed after falling victim to a very damaging cyber attack a few years ago. Rubica designed a high tech security system that has restored safety to the digital age of technology.


Rubica has a team of highly trained technology specialists that will stop cyber criminals from stealing personal as well as sensitive information. The majority of cyber criminals steal identities and other sensitive data strictly for financial gain.


The Rubica app can be easily downloaded to an Tablet, iPhone and home computer within minutes. Once the app is downloaded, you will be immediately protected from a computer hacker, attacker from committing identity theft as well as stealing important financial and other data.


The Rubica Security system has been around for about a decade. However, with advances in technology, the security system has been greatly improved. This amazing security system provides you with both cyber as well as physical security (Facebook).


Rubica has a central data center where security experts monitor your personal computer activities in an attempt to detect any cyber threats or hacking activity (


You must first choose the appropriate security plan that fits your needs. In addition, once you choose the security plan you simply download the app. Once app download is complete you then have valuable security protection.


The website fully explains the Rubica personal cyber security system as well as options currently available.