Do you want to sell more wine with the Traveling Vineyard? Want more sales? The key is to have as many wine tasting events as you can handle. The truth is that the Traveling Vineyard is here to give you all the wine you ever need to sell to people, but you need to go out there and promote and market their products. The key is to have multiple events in the week to get going. Here’s some great tips to help you create your own wine tasting event from scratch:

– Create a good venue that you know is very intimate and gives that natural chill vibe. It should be a place that brings people in and gives them that homey type of feel. It should be comfortable and really bring people in.

– It’s best to go have your wine tasting event with as many people as possible. Put out flyers, brochures, and really connect with the people you meet in your day to day life. Do not be afraid to even have just a small get together of friends and just bring them in for a night and then let them in later on about the wine you can have for them.

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– Get some help if you can. It makes sense to connect with your local wine guide expert that the Traveling Vineyard provides you when you get started because they can help you out on so many things.

– Last thing you should do is make sure you make it around everywhere throughout your event to ensure you speak with as many people as possible.

In the end, wine tasting events and your first “toast” is something you’re going ton enjoy but can be scary a bit at first. The key is to have your first event done so you can learn from it. The Traveling Vineyard is always here to help you out when you’re getting started. Their training is impeccable and very informational to help you get on the right path and really learn and get on the right track. Use these tips and earn more.

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